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You acknowledge that National Commercial Advisors (Kw Commercial), hereby referred to as "NCA" has a listing agreement or contract (verbal or written) with the owner(s) of the Property or Properties (Land, Business, or the Lease space) and that communication shall be done through NCA (Kw Commercial), unless otherwise agreed to by all parties. The properties covered by this Confidentiality Agreement are below:

Eagle Ford Lodges

We will be furnishing to you information regarding the Property and business, financial condition, operations, and prospects of the Property (the "Proprietary Information"). In consideration of our providing to you the Proprietary Information, you hereby agree as follows:

1. All Proprietary Information furnished by us to you is deemed and agreed to be confidential. The term Proprietary Information does not include any information, which is, or becomes, generally available to the public or is already in your possession. You will NOT contact the Seller at any point, unless with written consent from NCA (Kw Commercial)

2. Unless we the owner otherwise agrees in writing, you will not disclose or reveal any Proprietary Information:

a) For an indefinite period of time from the date hereof, if you decide not to pursue the Proposed Transaction; or

b) If you decide to pursue the Proposed Transaction, until you have completed the acquisition.

All materials and information received or derived from NCA, its directors, officers, agents, advisors, affiliates and/or any third party sources are provided without representation or warranty as to completeness , veracity, or accuracy, condition of the property, compliance or lack of compliance with applicable governmental requirements, developability or suitability, financial performance of the property, projected financial performance of the property for any party’s intended use or any and all other matters.

Neither NCA, its directors, officers, agents, advisors, or affiliates makes any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to accuracy or completeness of the any materials or information provided, derived, or received. Materials and information from any source, whether written or verbal, that may be furnished for review are not a substitute for a party’s active conduct of its own due diligence to determine these and other matters of significance to such party. NCA will not investigate or verify any such matters or conduct due diligence for a party unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Keller Williams Realty, Inc. is a real estate franchise company. Each Keller Williams office is independently owned and operated.
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